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So my stepdaughters are flying back home today.

We put ourselves in the poor house eating out a couple of nights while they were here because well, it was stuff that they enjoy and some nights it's easier than figuring up what each person can/will eat. So now it's time for a new menu.

I am usually better at just selecting several dinners and not assigning them to specific days. Then based on each day, we make what sounds good.

Beefy Pasta with steamed broccoli (Recipe is new... it's the second comment on this entry.)
Beef Cubes and Carrots over rice.
Chicken Bog (As made by Paula Dean... well, with a couple of minor changes like about half the butter. Recipe is here.)
Chicken Pie and President Reagans Mac N Cheese... with some veggie side.

My kids aren't going to like me this week but *sigh* It's going to be GOOD. :)
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