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Life in spiral

Meal Planning Newbie

Earlier today I planned my 5th week of menu planning.
I'd been *thinking* about trying to start this for a long time, but it just never really sunk in. I'm one of those disorganized people, and a while ago I decided maybe I need a 'program' or something so I joined Flylady and while most of the parts of the program have not at ALL taken effect I did finally start menu planning.

Its made SUCH a huge difference! I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant, not interested in cooking AT ALL, not culinarily inspired EVER anymore (I'm just too tired!!!) and so to just sit down once a week and say, "this is what we're going to eat" takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

I love the idea of a community that shares menu plans, because extra ideas are GREAT! and totally welcome. I was thinking about starting my own community but looked around and saw this one and thought I'd join.

I only plan 5-6 meals a week, and the other days are either eating out or eating leftovers or what not.

I'm also a gestational diabetic so I have to eat carb restricted food. So hopefully thats not .. offensive to anyone in here.. I know low carb diets can be a hot button issue for some people.

This week's meals

1. Low carb pancakes with blueberry sauce and breakfast sausage.
2. home-made hummus with veggies + chicken + cucumber and tomato salad.
3. Porkchops with roasted (or baked, I havent decided yet) potatoes and a salad.
4. Hamburgers + whole wheat macaroni salad
5. Chicken fajitas
6. home made sausage, onion, and artichoke heart pizza on whole wheat flatbreads.

The community doesnt seem very active, but maybe some new blood will help! I look forward to seeing everyone's menu's!
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