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New Here

I've been menu planning off and on for a while now, but have recently been more consistent.
It's great because it helps me and my fiance try new things or things that we've been craving, but always forget.
Also it helps with prep because I can just glance at the meal planned for the next day to see if I need to thaw something like meat.

Since I'm new I'll give last week and this week's menus:

Last Week:
Mon: Tempura
Tue: We were baby-sitting at my Aunt and Uncle's so we just ate whatever the kids were having.
Wed: Chicken and Dumplings (I had never made this before. It was a very simple version, but we also really liked it.)
Thu: Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fri: Potato Soup
Sat: Leftovers
Sun: Restaurant: Bush Garden (to celebrate my and my fiance's engagement!)

This Week (Monday got lost somewhere, heh):
Tue: Cheesesteaks
Wed: We had planned on going to dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's but it was canceled, instead we went out to dinner w/fiance's parents
Thu: Homemade Sushi and Tempura (had a friend over for this meal)
Fri: Hot and Sour Soup
Sat: Chicken Broccoli Pasta Dish
Sun (today): Dinner at fiance's parents' house (Father's Day!)
Mon: Chicken Stir-fry
Tue: Homemade Pizza (well, home assembled) :)

I was directed here by faetal; see her post below.
I'm interested to see what other people are planning for their menus.
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