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Getting back on the horse...

So, we've been busy around here with moving and whatnot so eating at home has become a rare thing again. *sigh* This week I'm DETERMINED that we WILL eat at home.

I try to plan my menu's Sunday - Wednesday and then Wednesday - Saturday... usually adding in an extra meal just in case something just doesn't sound good or I don't make it to the store on Wednesday or Saturday. (Grocery store ad's change on those days around here so that's why it's those days.)

This week I have the following planned:
Steaks w/ Salad, baked potatoes, garlic bread
Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread
General Tso's Chicken w/ rice and steamed broccoli
Easy Asian Chicken (undecided on veggie to go with it)

For the rest of the week, I'm thinking Carnitas, Sloppy joes w/ "President Reagan's Mac n Cheese", and the rest will depend on what's on sale at the stores on Wednesday.

Tonight we had the steaks so I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be General Tso's chicken just to break up the nights of salad and garlic bread for the sides. :) Wish me luck to stick with the menu this week. I've heard that if you do something for 30 days straight, it becomes a habit so I'm HOPING I can make this a habit.
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