Life in spiral (faetal) wrote in menu_sharing,
Life in spiral

two weeks, because I totally spaced posting last week

1. black bean and zuchini vegan chili with cheesey corn bread
2. cheese steaks (because thrillkisser keeps posting about them and they sound so lovely.. they were!)
3. cordon bleu sandwiches
4. sloppy joes
5. bacon and broccoli quiche with fruit and nut salad.
6. taco salad

1. hummus with carrots and celery and rotisserie chicken (and feta dip and whole wheat flatbreads)
2. black bean and zuchini chili again. (it was just so good!)
3. teriaky turkey burgers
4. black bean burritos
5. flatbread pizza
6. (4th of july barbecue, havent decided what to bring with me yet.)
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