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Meal Planning Monday!!

Ok, I saw this concept somewhere else but hey, I think it's a good idea. Easy to remember. Will always give me a set day so I can't procrastinate which is ALWAYS a huge problem for me.

This week I have multiple issues interfering with dinners. My boys have swimming lessons from 4:30-5pm every day this week and my stepdaughter is in town. My oldest started back to school today. (OMG! Second grade!!) My youngest is starting Kindergarten but they do staggered entry so he won't actually go until Thursday this week and then start full time on Monday next. Then on Thursday night, my best friend returns from a year abroad and will be staying with us until Saturday morning. So this week is going to be on the light side.

Monday - McDonald's (Husband and stepdaughter having dad/daughter night so with just me and the boys, it's McD's.)
Tuesday - Burrito night
Wednesday - Grilled marinated porkchops w/ steamed broccoli and baked potato. (Got a free Lawry's marinade thing... going to try it)
Thursday - Homemade Pizza celebration for youngest's first day in Kindergarten.
Friday - Eating out.

What are you having?
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